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How to Change Administrator Password on Active Directory Server If You Forgot It

Active Directory is a directory service widely used in organizations to implement policy controls and manage access to company IT resources. It simplifies things for administrators as well as users by centralizing creation of usernames and passwords. Forgetting domain administrator password is the most frustrating thing as you may lose the ability to manage Active [...]

How to Get Around Windows Login Password When You Forgot It

Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system, which controls the working of millions of PCs all around the planet. Microsoft Windows is so extremely popular and this is why it is attracting thousands of hackers all over the globe who are trying to hack personal computers to steal data or install malicious code. No wonder [...]

How to Reset Lost Windows 7 Password

Windows 7 has surpassed XP as the most widely used operating system in the world according to new data from StatCounter. The operating system now has a 40.21% usage share of the global desktop OS market, compared to Windows XP, which has a 38.64% market share. This is why there’re more people annoyed by a [...]

Recover Website Passwords Saved In Google Chrome

This tutorial will show you how to recover your password which are stored in Google Chrome. Normally, Google Chrome will auto fill in your username and password if they were stored from you last login to a certain website. Somehow, Google Chrome doesn’t fill them in as usual and you have to enter them manually [...]

How to Recover Autosave Passwords in Firefox

In Firefox,  when you access certain site on internet which requires you to type in user name and password at login page, after logon you will see a popup dialog displaying on the top left of Firefox. This popup allows you to remember the input password. If you click on “Remember Password”,  the next time [...]