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How to Crack Windows 7 Password Quickly and Easily

Forgot the password of your Windows 7 account and can’t log in? How to crack Windows 7 password so you can log back into your computer without losing important files? If you have never forgotten a password like this before, you’re likely to be stuck there and have no idea how to crack the password. [...]

How To Remove or Reset BIOS CMOS Password

There are many different ways to remove the BIOS Password. You may have forgotten the password of your BIOS or you never knew it, whatever may be the case is. Sometimes it becomes necessary to access the BIOS to change system settings. The simplest way to remove the BIOS password is to remove the CMOS [...]

Remove Saved Passwords in Apple Safari

When you enter login credentials on a web site, Safari prompts you to save the passwords so that next time you do not have to type it in. Next time you visit that site’s login web page, Safari automatically fills in the user name and the password fields from the saved passwords database. But this [...]

How to Retrieve Windows Password

Here is the situation. You just changed your Windows admin password. The next morning when you boot your PC, you can’t remember the password to login to your Windows. You got nervous and don’t know what to do. Every passwords you entered were wrong. But, be calm… Every problems have their solutions. Here are 2 [...]