Windows 10

How to Uninstall Windows 10 Anniversary Update without Login

Couldn’t login after installing Windows 10 Anniversary Update? Are you facing system freezes or frequent crash issues after install the Anniversary Update? To get your computer back to work, you might need to roll Windows 10 back to a previous build. This tutorial will walk you through the steps of uninstalling Windows 10 Anniversary Update [...]

How to Log into Windows 10 Computer with All Accounts Disabled

All accounts are disabled and you’re locked out of Windows 10? If for some reasons all accounts on your computer are disabled / deactivated, you wouldn’t see any account at the logon screen. To get back into your computer, you need to activate Windows account from a boot CD. Create A Boot CD Use another [...]

Reset Windows 10 Lost Password with Installation Disk

What do I do if I forget my computer’s Windows password? Despite Windows 10 is much secure than previous versions of Windows, the old Sticky Keys trick can also be used to reset lost Windows 10 password. here’s how. How to Reset Windows 10 Lost Password with Installation Disk? Boot your computer with Windows installation [...]