Windows 2008

How to Change A Standard User to Administrator without Logging In

I have a computer with Windows 7 Home Premium that can’t log in to the only administrator account on the computer. I’ve cleared the password using a boot CD but it comes up with an error about the User Profile service or something similar to that. I can log in using any of the standard [...]

How to Reset Lost Windows VM Password in VMware Player

So you’ve forgotten your Windows virtual machine password? Here’s how to reset it. These instructions focus on resetting lost Windows VM password in VMware Player, but there’s no reason you couldn’t do it using VMware Workstation or VMware vSphere / ESX. How to Reset Lost Windows VM Password in VMware Player? Download the zipped ISO [...]

How to Remove Windows Startup Password After Forgotten

Forgot your Windows startup password? How to reset or remove it after forgotten? There are several types of startup passwords which could be used to protect a Windows computer: BIOS password, Syskey, Windows user account password. After setting up one of these startup passwords, the computer will prompt you to enter your password each time [...]

How to Retrieve Windows Password

Here is the situation. You just changed your Windows admin password. The next morning when you boot your PC, you can’t remember the password to login to your Windows. You got nervous and don’t know what to do. Every passwords you entered were wrong. But, be calm… Every problems have their solutions. Here are 2 [...]

How to Recover Windows and Office Product Key

Imagine a situation where you need to reinstall Windows 7/XP/Vista and Microsoft Office but the product keys of these software are misplaced. What will you do? Today I was in the same situation as I corrupted my PC OS while doing something crazy. I’ve the DVDs that contains Windows 7 and Microsoft Office software but [...]

How to Recover if I Forgot Windows Server 2008 Administrator Password?

You might have forgot your Windows Server 2008 administrator password. When you lost the  password, and still you will be able to log into the system if you have some other user accounts with administrators privilege. But when you have only one account and you lost its password, its difficult. But you can try the [...]

Forgot Windows Administrator Password? How to Reset It Easily

Last night I had installed Windows 7 successfully. Everything was working fine, even my internet connection also working fine. This morning when try to login with my account it says wrong password.  I think I have forgotten the password. I don’t want to reinstall the entire operating system as it took more than 4 hours [...]

How to Change Administrator Password on Active Directory Server If You Forgot It

Active Directory is a directory service widely used in organizations to implement policy controls and manage access to company IT resources. It simplifies things for administrators as well as users by centralizing creation of usernames and passwords. Forgetting domain administrator password is the most frustrating thing as you may lose the ability to manage Active [...]

How to Get Around Windows Login Password When You Forgot It

Microsoft Windows is the preferred operating system, which controls the working of millions of PCs all around the planet. Microsoft Windows is so extremely popular and this is why it is attracting thousands of hackers all over the globe who are trying to hack personal computers to steal data or install malicious code. No wonder [...]