Recover Website Passwords Saved In Google Chrome

This tutorial will show you how to recover your password which are stored in Google Chrome. Normally, Google Chrome will auto fill in your username and password if they were stored from you last login to a certain website.

Somehow, Google Chrome doesn’t fill them in as usual and you have to enter them manually and remembering ton of combination of username/password seem a hard job for us. Fortunately, Password Recovery Bundle allows us to get the passwords easily with just few clicks.

How to Recover Website Passwords Saved In Google Chrome

  1. First download Password Recovery Bundle to your computer.
  2. After downloading, double-click on the setup package and follow the step-by-step wizard to complete the installation.
  3. Launch Password Recovery Bundle.
  4. Click the Start Recovery button, then select the Chrome Password option.
  5. The website URLs, logins and passwords will be recovered and displayed immediately.

This trick is quite useful especially when you prepare to reinstall OS but forgot nearly most of the logins and passwords saved in Google Chrome.  Password Recovery Bundle can recover website passwords for all versions of Chrome, including the latest version: Chrome Canary.

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