How to Reset Lost Windows 7 Password

Windows 7 has surpassed XP as the most widely used operating system in the world according to new data from StatCounter. The operating system now has a 40.21% usage share of the global desktop OS market, compared to Windows XP, which has a 38.64% market share. This is why there’re more people annoyed by a [...]

Recover Website Passwords Saved In Google Chrome

This tutorial will show you how to recover your password which are stored in Google Chrome. Normally, Google Chrome will auto fill in your username and password if they were stored from you last login to a certain website. Somehow, Google Chrome doesn’t fill them in as usual and you have to enter them manually [...]

How to Reset Lost Windows Administrator Password with Password Recovery Bundle

I got a brand new Windows 7 machine, installed the operating system, but forgot the administrator password. What can I do?  I already tried to remember passwords and tried all candidates with all possible combinations of caps lock, num lock, etc. but still no luck. Many people ask me the question that how to recover [...]